I believe that if you are on this page is a sign that you are a person looking for knowledge.

Until sometime I was very troubled by a series of events in which I did not know what books I should read, once I wanted something gospel to read. I remebered de old ones, such as Left Behind, but the story is very long (12 books). Then I have decided to search more about the subject, and, for my surprise I discovered a new word, full of good books that are unknow by most of us. My purpose is, therefore, to make a list of this books, and who wanted to join me in this literary adventure will be welcome.

I do not know about you, but I am the kind of person who belives that read a book it is not just about pleasure, to live others lives, but it is always a way to learn more, even in fictions. So, if you agree or disagree, please, comment this post.

Finally, let’s start talking about the books we intend to read here.If you are a Christian for a long time you have probably heard of at least two of them: This present darkness and Left behind. If not, this is your chance.

This page will be like a Christian book club, what do you think? But not facing just any topic. So, the first round will be with books in the “apocalyptic” category. What do you say?

I know that probably a lot of people do not want to read this kind of book, because of that view that we saw in moves where there is always a old man talking abou the and of the world and that everyone think he is mad. Well, this is not our case. Actually, This present darkness is not about this subject. I put this is the list for people who do not want to read this kind of literature. Besides this, i thing that is important to know more about the true “end of the world” and it much more simple to understand readind this books than readind the Bible (I am not say that this books are replacing the Bible, please).

So, please, vote in the poll and if you know another book that you wish we put on the list, please, write a comment and we will answer you as soon as possible.

I tryly hope we have a good time and that everyone may learn a lot with this books and with each other.


J. M.


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