Was God created by humans?

cross-1517092_640The subject today is somewhat controversial and difficult to be discussed: is God a human creation?

I recently watched the movie: a matter of faith.

The film tells the story of a Christian girl, who enters in the university and after, is increasingly interested in the evolution, goes on to question the truthfulness of Christianity. The climax of the film occurs when her father and the teacher get into a public debate. The idea of the film is interesting and for me, had great potential. However, I was disappointed; because I thought the debate and the arguments themselves were little explored. Anyway, despite this, the film has some striking lines. For example, her father asks: “And how do you exclude God?” and at that time, the teacher seems to be surprised and happy because it has a ready answer: “It is simple: Man created God.”

I do not know about you, but I’m hearing things like that more often than I like. Not far away, I have watched on Facebook an interview with a famous actor who is declared atheist. He said: “I could not believe such a god that allows so many misfortunes happen to innocent people.”

In the film, the professor cites Freud to try to endorse – Man has a need to create an imaginary being that serves as a “cosmic scale.” A superior being to support me, to help me to be successful, that will avenged and protect me. It is a human attempt to absolve themselves of the responsibility of the attitudes- if something went wrong, it was because God wanted. And so on. It looks smart, huh?


Well, before that, comes into play another teacher to say, “Not so.” If man could choose, he would choose probably not create God. Think, every time something bad happens, who we blame? God. If it had been created for us, why have we created a being that is theoretically responsible for all the ills of mankind? Why would create a being and then say that he is dead?

“Ah, but the man created religion to manipulate others, with the reward of ideas and divine punishment.”

Nietzsche himself said that God is dead and people need to accept and learn to deal with it in order to become free spirits. It also asks if we should not make us gods to be worthy of God. Nietzsche is saying we need to leave the apron strings of our parent in order to grow as a natural law of life. We need to be free of this theological dictatorship that tells us what is right or wrong, after all, was not the church itself that prevented humanity to open their eyes to the truth of science for centuries?So imagine this: the world imagined by Nietzsche, where good and evil does not exist, only the man and his nature. If so, then do not exists pedophilia, murder, or rape. Yes, because how will you talk to a man that he can not have sex with a child? He was born that way, right? How will we say that is not healthy a man or a woman having sex with animals? She/he was born that way? If, as the philosopher said, we become our own gods, and then we stipulate the rules, each one according to his/her own will, because if we are equal, no one should be restrained by an oppressive society, or some god may be subjugated. If it is, then it really would be a god? Imagine how much science could evolve without the barriers of bioethics: the researchers did not have to spend months waiting for authorization of projects by committees – enough to make the project and work. Why keep doing animal testing if we can use the best prototype – a human being like you and me? Yes, because the body is his/her, so she/he has the right to do whatever she/he wants. If she/he understood that is worth selling a lung, why not? Some need money, others have money, why they can not all help each other? If I have money, then I can also buy a slave, no? The body is his/her, therefore, the same right that she/he has to sell it I also I have to buy it.Experiments with embryos? Yes, I can, after all, if I am God, I stipulate when life begins and when it ends. If I stipulate my ideas, if I want my child to be blond, tall, blue eyes, athletic bearing, free of myopia genes, diabetes, thrombosis, and science can give me a son like this, so who’s going to say I can not buy the genotype of my child? If good and evil do not exist, then why do I have to worry about or respect others? In fact, if you think so, then what is the purpose of medicine? What would be the purpose of the Hippocratic Oath? If we look more critically then the medicine would continue to exist only as a money machine that contradicts the very laws of nature. Where was Darwin that did not see that he should be concerned more about medical oppression rather than theological oppression? Yes, because as a naturalist, it should be easy to see that the medicine does nothing more than stop the natural selection, perpetuating the most debilitated and so, doctors would become themselves responsible for the deterioration of man, rather than the opposite. Has anyone ever seen a short-sighted eagle? A hypertensive lion? A diabetic chimpanzee? Is it in our evolution, we would necessarily progressing?Finally, if man created God, where did our concepts of ethics and morals? When we decided that we should respect the space of others? Where did we create the concept that we should not steal, kill or judge anyone? Yes, because if God was created to be an order in society, starting from the judgment that originally good and evil do not exist, where these concepts are from? What is the purpose to restrict human freedom? If we are to be rational, why not simply let nature take action?Some people make speeches as if the guilt of much of mankind’s problems were the prejudices of religious delaying humanity. But not only consider homophobia, racism and sexism. We should consider all, rebuking the legalization of drugs, abortion, marriage between three or more people, marriage between adults and children, marriage and animals, experiment with human embryos, human trials, slavery, murder and robbery. Also do not forget to burn human rights and the constitutions of secular states, once they are based on religious concepts. Let’s eliminate those people and all that they represent. Does this world consisted only of free beings would be so much better? Freed from mental shackles of good and evil? Which world would you rather live?


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